Pandemic Support Program

NetRev Marketing Group, together with NetRev Ventures, a joint venture capital firm, is here with you during this difficult time in the business.

Pandemic Support Program by:

Strategic Business Consulting

Our Consultants will work with you on a high-level Digital Business Transformation project.

Depending on where you are right now, we can extend help on the following aspects of your business: 

  • Business Analysis and Management Advisory
  • Operation and Organization Improvement
  • Digital Finance and Digital HR
  • Marketing & Technology Consultancy
  • Coaching & Training 

Venture Project Management

We commit to building strong relationships with our clients by helping the optimize their Digital Business Transformation projects including Digital Marketing and Technology. 

Our goal for this joint venture is to help you lower the cost for Digital Business Transformation by not compromising quality work that experienced and professional consultants can help you with. 

Our team is dedicated to help you create a stronger digital brand, nurture relationships, and create business continuity during and after the pandemic. 


Applying for this Pandemic Relief Program

Dear Future Client,

We are with you during this difficult time.

Together with NetRev Ventures, a joint-venture capital firm, we are offering some relief packages for medium-sized businesses that spend at least ₱1M per year in Marketing and Advertising.

We understand that more than anything, the pandemic has created so many business uncertainties for us. Companies are preserving cash and are minimizing their marketing and advertising expenses. The problem with this is the online world is changing fast and other companies are trying to catch up.

Our company created this program to help companies, who are worth at least ₱10M – ₱100M, assess their business continuity programs. We believe that with Digital Business Transformation, if done well, your company can get through this pandemic. Companies are accelerating their Digital Transformation efforts but this can be very costly if you make more mistakes.

Our goal for this project is to help minimize your company’s spending on Marketing and Technology by providing you cost effective solutions to work out a viable Digital Business Transformation Plan.


We are here to be your Digital Business Transformation Partner on marketing and technology that can help your company survive and thrive through the pandemic. We can work around a feasible budget to get things done.

Fei Anne Adricula

CEO, NetRev Marketing Group

Who Can Join This Program:

For both parties to not waste time, please only sign up here if you can answer yes to the following:

Decision Maker

Someone who can make a quick decision on a joint venture project. 

Digital Transformation

Has an on-going Digital Transformation project.

Flexible Finance

Open for performance-based or revenue-sharing projects

Minimum Budget

Has at least ₱1M budget for Marketing 

Team Work

Willing to work with Consultants and Coaches

Business Continuity

Thinking of business continuity post-pandemic

Working With You

We are excited to help you with Digital Transformation and provide you with the best solutions for your company.

Our Consultants will review your application and we will contact you as soon as we can.

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